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Your complete personal fitness package begins with a health and fitness analysis of your current physical condition to establish a baseline for activity and nutritional planning. This analysis includes a comprehensive review of your health history, medications, and current health concerns, by a Registered Nurse who specializes in disease / weight management and nutritional counseling.

It also includes the measurement of lean body mass and an assessment of your strength and flexibility, as well as motivation and level of commitment.


Based on the Fitness Analysis, a Strength Training and Body Conditioning strategy will be developed to meet your goals. Strength training increases lean muscle, that which is essential in burning fat, and toning and shaping your body. Bone density can also improve. This regimen will include precise instruction and practice with free weights and resistance equipment.  Strength training and body conditioning sessions are available two or three times a week.


In addition, you will receive a Cardio-Aerobic Assessment based on your current level of condition and age. The benefits of good cardio-aerobic conditioning are well documented. A strong heart and an optimal cardio vascular system are two important aspects of your health that should be a part of your fitness plan. An aerobic program designed to enhance your success will be developed to supplement your weekly strength training sessions.


A complementary Nutritional Program will be developed to provide you with guidance on your recommended daily food intake. This plan is based on your body fat/lean mass measurement and prescribed level of activity. Nutritional choices will be examined. You will be provided a Nutritional Choice Guide and Personal Nutrition Success Journal to record your progress and encourage accountability.


Flexibility and range of motion are important aspects of your overall health as well. Yoga may be used as a warm-up, interspersed during a weight training session, or exclusively as a session.

  • Iyengar, a method of yoga that emphasizes physical alignment, is very effective in restoring range of motion, correcting muscular imbalances and eliminating pain. Poses are methodical and precise requiring focus and a heightened awareness of your body. You may start by holding a posture for a few seconds and advance to several minutes. This style is excellent for beginners or anyone wanting to learn how to stretch more effectively.
  • Ashtanga yoga moves more fluidly with an emphasis on the breath, as you transition from one posture to the next. One can experience the same benefits from this practice as Iyengar. This style can be a bit more challenging and requires a good understanding of all the postures.

With either style as your training progresses, you will grow stronger and go deeper into each pose you practice. Steadied and correct breathing aids in your ability to concentrate, be still, and to perform optimally during your weight training sessions.


To support the scope of this program, you will receive Follow-up Consultations via phone, fax or e-mail. These sessions will provide an opportunity to troubleshoot your diet and exercise concerns, for example, review of your nutrition journal to support better food choices, identification of obstacles at home or while traveling and strategies to overcome them, or evaluation of cardio-aerobic progress and commitment, etc.


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